Mafia Cat – a member of MafiaDoge Gang who keep pushing the effort in protecting the crypto market and recover all the loss of market investors who suffered from the significant decrease from altcoins and memes. By orders of MafiaCat, crypto market will be the most peaceful place.

Mafia Cat Protection Protocol

As a user, you can verify the contract of any projects you're interested in to see if the company behind them is a scammer trying to get your money out of your liquidity account or wallet. Using this app, you can see all of the contract's formal details, such as the address, slippage, sell or buy fees, ownership wallet, and holders, among other things... To pick the appropriate project to ape, it could be the greatest way to go about doing so. Scammers can be reported by a simple process on a report site. Just provide evidence of their scamming activities, and we'll take it from there. If an investigation is warranted, we will track them out and make all of their details public so that you can hold them accountable. “MafiaCat – Forever Protection”


Our contract has been audited by famous … audit organization. There was no fault in our contract, everything seems perfect and ready to go.


Our team has been KYCed by … No need to worry about the reputation of MCat. We’re legit and we’re always be here to full fill every of your wonderings.


Our contract has been completely renounced. Now we can’t be taking any advantages through the contract functions.

24/7 Help & Support

We’re a professional team with a huge range of admins who always willing to listen and answer all wonderings from users in the community. Feel free to reach us at anytime.


Taking lots of time and efforts into this stuff, we’re proud to share that our tokenomics is smart and flexible. Surely, MCat will have a significant growth in both price and liquidity.

Token Name

Mafia Cat




600.000.000.000 MCat


360.000.000.000 MCat

Airdrop & Giveaway MCat

Fee Sale MCat


Our roadmap has been divided into 4 main phases.

Phase 1


Team forming

Go live

Website UI/UX finish

Go live

Social media setup

Go live

MCat protection protocol buildup

Go live

Contract testing

Go live

Marketing promotion plan

Go live

Website launching

Go live

Contract launching

Go live

Partners connection

In progress

MCat protection protocol finish

In progress

Mass marketing

In progress

Whitelist competition

In progress

Posts on local communities

In progress

Reaching 10,000 interested investors through successful marketing

In progress

Phase 2


Whitelisted Presale arrangement


Presale lived


Full presale capacity


Listing on PancakeSwap


Huge marketing promotion going


Reaching 10,000 more interested investors through next marketing phase


Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listing


Phase 3


MCat protection protocol Ver 2.0




More big partners and influencers


Tiktok target


Discord target


Phase 4


Small CEXs lisitng


Next huge promotion campaign


Big CExs listing


Token Functions

Taxes on both costs for buying and selling will be 4%.

Application development

  • For the best performance of MCat protection protocol, 2% will be used for this section including version updating, new functions added, etc…

Marketing strategy

  • Is there a way we can get the word out about MafiaCat? Because it comes from marketing, the next 1% will be put to use in promotional activities.

Charity purpose

  • Many poors are suffering from disasters and wars. Understand that point, the last 1% from our taxes will be used for Charity campaign in consideration of making up them loses.